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Ruby Stone Diffuser - Pearl Stone
Ruby Stone Diffuser - Pearl Stone
Ruby Stone Diffuser - Pearl Stone
Ruby Stone Diffuser - Pearl Stone

Ruby Stone Diffuser - Pearl Stone

Shades Of Nature
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By Shades of Nature, this stone diffuser is meant to stand out, it is so enchanting because of its natural stone veining design, with natural lighting that shows every detail. Made from Beech wood, and one solid piece of Hand Carved REAL Onyx Marble, it is translucent showing every natural design of the stone creating a peaceful environment whichever room your in. 180 ml that lasts all night + ultra quiet for sleep support.

  • The only REAL STONE DIFFUSER on the world market.
  • Supports a natural lifestyle and enhances your home beauty and environment.
  • EXTREMLEY LONG RUNNING: 9 hours continuous/ 18 hours Intermittent Mode.
  • MULTIPLE MIST SETTINGS: ON, 1 hour, 3 hours, 8 hours, Intermittent.
  • GREAT SLEEP SUPPORT: Ultra quiet, night light, 30min off light, All Lights off.
  • DIFFUSER SIZE:   5.1"H x 5.1 Diameter(W)
  • NATURAL LIGHT SETTING: ON, Dimmer, Candle Flicker/Breathing Light, 30 min off.
  • There is only one natural light color, NO DISCO colored light options.
You can use this Diffuser with essential oils or use purified water and it will be perfect yet fashionable humidifier. Please clean often, every one-two weeks to ensure a long life for your diffuser. Clean with water, white vinegar, cotton bud and dry cloth. 100% HAND-CARVED and REAL STONE and ECO FRIENDLY!!